International Association of Designated Driving Companies

About Us

Designated Driver (def) - A person who volunteers not to drink alcohol on a social occasion, so that he or she can safely drive other people who have been drinking.

Designated Driving Service (def) - A registered business that provides a driver for a fee to operate the vehicle belonging to an intoxicated individual. 

The International Association of Designated Driving Companies has been formed by, and includes members of various businesses across Canada and the US, that offer designated driving services. As a new and emerging industry, there are many who do not know if DD companies exist in their community, there are many who do not fully understand the service, and there are those who simply want to ensure that they are using a reputable company.  The IAODDC was formed to provide a list of reputable companies, and to enhance the visibility of the industry as a whole.  

How Our Service Works

Designated Driving services were created to reduce instances of driving while impaired, but also to give customer's a new option to not only get themselves home, but to also get their vehicle home. There are generally two methods utilized by Designated Driving companies.  

Driver and Chaser
Teams of two drivers work together. They arrive at the customer's location, and one transports the customer home in their own vehicle, while the other follows to pick up the first at the drop-off point.  

One driver is needed for this type of service.  They arrive at the customer's location on a scooter that can either be folded or dismantled, and then put it in the trunk of the vehicle they are driving, typically in a protective bag.  

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